We are pleased to announce that Bridgeway Solutions has achieved Dragonfly "Train-the Trainer" staus! This ceritification allows Bridgeway Solutions to provide "End User Training" for their respective Dragonfly Customers. Bridgeway Solutions is the Prime Training and Exercise Contractor for onsite Dragonfly training and exercise support activities located within Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

All training will be coordinated through your Dragonfly Sales representative.

Training is offered in four packages.

  1. Dragonfly Basic Training:
    1. (1) day/8 hours onsite training consisiting of basic familiarity and practical application of the Dragonfly software.
  2. Dragonfly Basic Training (Refresher):
    1. (4) hours onsite training designed to re-awaken Dragonfly user's skills through plan development and exercise.
  3. Dragonfly Advanced Training:
    1. (2) day/16 hours of consecutive or split date onsite training consisting of advanced functionality and practical application of Dragonfly software to include:
      • Pre-planner Tools
      • Exercise Planner Tool
      • Salamander Intelligent Accountability integration.
  4. Dragonfly Advanced Training (Refresher):
    1. (4) hours on-site training designed to review funtionality of the "Advanced" features of Dragonfly and use scenarios.

To receive a Quote for any of the training packages please select "Contact" on this website and you will be directed to the appropriate Sales Representative.



Please use this form to submit an evaluation of your training. We appreciate you feedback.