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Emergency Services Interactive Systems in collaboration with Midwest Card and ID Solutions has released a powerful Risk Management Software program that allows an agency to Plan, Prepare, Respond, and Recover to All Hazard Type Incidents.

Dragonfly is designed to support and improve Public and Private Sector organizations through Situational Awareness improvements. These improvements are designed to support the user through Response, Recovery, Planning, and Mitigation efforts.

Dragonfly is designed for ease of use and minimal training is required. Our software is robust, resilient, and effective in displaying critical information for the affected Public or Private sectors.

Dragonfly is a user-friendly system of tools that ensures Command officials have valid, up to the minute data through the duration of an incident. For drills and actual incidents, there is no better management software than Dragonfly.

Dragonfly IAP software is an innovative, cost-friendly, Situational Awareness tool that was literally created by first responders for first responders. Briefly, this NIMS-compliant software helps to standardize, coordinate, and organize all of your crucial and required data in either a pre-planned event or actual emergency. With Dragonfly, information is only entered once, and all of the required (ICS) forms are auto-populated. Changing the plan can be done in part or whole easily.

With Dragonfly you can integrate with existing resource systems that creates a “force multiplier” tool set.
Our software eliminates the burden of filling out numerous and repetitious (ICS) forms, with an interface that walks Emergency Operation Centers or first responders through the entire process step-by-step. Dragonfly coordinates all users from the initial response to on-going operations eliminating duplicated efforts and allowing for more comprehensive communication and improved decision-making.

With Dragonfly, Incident Commanders can receive detailed information as needed, thus improving mutual response coordination efforts and thereby reducing response time significantly.