The following are the steps to take to upgrade your software:

1.       Navigate to

a.       Fill in the required information and select send.

b.      Your email client will open requiring you to send an email to               

c.       Check your email inbox for an email with a link to download the latest version of software.  

d.      Double click on the link.

i.      The link will allow you to download an executable file (35MB).

ii.      Download the .exe file to a location that you can access.

e.      You must have “Local Administrative” rights in order to install the program.

2.       Locate the .exe file and run it.

a.       The program is designed to install easily.

b.      Follow the directions and prompts to complete your installation.

3.       If you need to access your version 2 IAPs in the future do not uninstall version 2.

a.       Do not attempt to open a version 2 .iap file with version 3.

b.      Open version 2 and 3 simultaneously and copy/paste version 2 data into version 3 plans.

If you attempt to install your updated software on a computer that has not had a previously registered/licensed version of Dragonfly; your version 3 software will run in “Demo” mode for 30 days.

At the end of the 30 days your software will not operate.

Please contact your Dragonfly Regional Support Center with any questions or assistance.


Thank you for your choice in selecting Dragonfly for your Response, Recovery, and Planning needs!